Our Values

Customer Obsessed

Whether you're just starting out in the world of drumming, playing professionally, or enjoying being a hobbyist, we are obsessed with being a part of your journey. Your success is our success however you define it and we want to do our absolute best to ensure you have a good customer experience.

Insist On The Highest Standards

It's not hard to make a good drum but it's much harder to make a great one. We don't offer drums with die-cast hardware, ply-shells, or veneers. Our drums are made equally, using the same high standard. Only the wood species affects the price. That's why every drum is a flagship; using only the best materials, every time.

Innovate & Simplify

Doing the same thing because it's "always been done that way" is not why we're in business. We always want to ask why, and ask the question, "is there a better way?". We don't have as much to lose like the big box drum companies and we don't mind being different, unique, or disruptive at the expense of conformity.