Artist Endorsement Application

At Sonique, we intend to build a strong, vibrant, and diverse family of artists. Read on to learn about deciding factors that determine our decision to add an artist to the Sonique family. We encourage you to apply if you meet one or more of the following criteria.

Major Deciding Factors

You are a touring/working drummer (All Levels)

You play in public venues (large church, arena, televised, etc.)

You have regular activity & have a large combined following on social media. (Youtube channel,
Instagram, TikTok, etc.)

You are a recording artist (All Levels)

You are a professional instructor with an active student roster.

You have an influence in the drumming community.

What We Expect From The Artist

You are our brand advocate.

You play a role in socializing our brand in the drumming community.

You review, demo, talk about our gear in social media platforms.

Be a proper brand ambassador. Reflect our own values and be professional.

You help us grow and improve. (Testing new products, Giving feedback, etc.).

If available, to make public appearances to trade shows, public events, or perform at live events (drum clinic, drum day, etc.)

What you will get from Sonique Drums

A-Level Artists

Discount of 50% on drums & hardware with priority service.

B-Level Artists

Discount of 30% on drums & hardware with priority service.

C-Level Artists

Discount of 15% on drums & hardware with express service.

(Please allow up to three business days for us to respond.)