Bravo Buggs


Hometown: Alabama, U.S.A.
Main Affiliation: Independent


Joseph "Bravo" Buggs 🇺🇲

Joseph “Bravo” Buggs, is a drummer who is quickly gaining a lot of attention in the drum community where Buggs’ energy and personality are as infectious as his playing is. Bravo started playing drums at the age of three. And now has worked with artists such as Glasses Malone, Cody ChesnuTT, and Kayla Starks (Kdotla). Bravo regularly performs, tours & records with Cody ChesnuTT, Los Locos, ChefWiLL & Tonight’s Special, Trey & Hi-Def, and The Decided Seven.

Bravo's arsenal includes: 14" x 6.5" figured cherry snare with
the "heavy AF" brass hoops, and the NATO-1™ throw-off.