NATO-1 Continuously Adjustable Throw-Off

UK Patent #6235771 | EU Patent #009201734-0001 | USA Patent # US D1,004,693 S | China Patent # (Pending)

With design and utility patents granted and pending in 34 countries in the U.S., UK, Europe, and China, our innovative "Not Another Throw Off" (NATO-1™) snare strainer provides an infinite amount of adjust-ability which gives you, the artist an "Adjust & Play" ability that no other throw off can offer, full stop. Our throw off is a major departure from legacy throw off mechanisms that only provide a binary ('on' or 'off') position or a few preset positions.

The NATO-1 enables you, the artist, to get the full range of sound out of your snare. You shouldn't expect anything less than the fact that this disruption to the drumming world is precision machined as well.

Guaranteed for defects in craftsmanship for life.

Signature Socket Drum Key

Never being afraid improve on an old idea, we've also made our own socket drum key, and we're the first to do it! Our signature socket key works perfectly with either our signature 4-point (square head) tension rods & screws or the EVR GRP™ (socket head) tension rods screws. Never again will your key go flying while changing/tuning heads; usually at the worst possible time! Machined from solid brass, this key performs just as good as it looks. More importantly, this drum key will not slip and provides 12 points of entry instead of just 4 which allows you to get the 12-point key on the tension rod 3x faster, without slip.

Gator Protechtor Elite Air Hard Case

You're buying the best drums so why not get the best cases to protect them? We're proud to ship every drum we make in a Protechtor Elite Air case by Gator. Each case is ordered to match the specifications and dimensions of your drum to ensure the best fit possible for safe and secure travel for years to come.