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Original NATO-1 Continually Adjustable Throw-Off

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Enjoyed and trusted by drummers on tour, in the studio, and in the club; the ultra-light, compact, silent, uncomplicated, and continuously adjustable NATO-1 is the most versatile throw off available. The NATO-1 allows you, the artist to easily adjust snare wire position and tension with a single movement of the handle; just turn and play. With no steps or locks to limit the sound you want, you've now unlocked the full potential of your snare.

Hole Spacing: 9.5mm | 12.7mm | 22.2mm | 34.9mm
Hole Spacing (U.S.A.): 3/8" | 1/2" | 7/8" | 1 3/8"
Weight: 3.98 oz | 112.7g
Height:  2 5/8" | 66.6mm
Width: 1 1/4" | 31.7mm
Depth: 1 9/64" | 29mm
Fits snare depths: 4.5" - ∞ | 101.6mm - ∞

Warranty: Lifetime

See FAQ for growing list of throw offs the NATO-1 can directly replace.

Color: Clear
Butt Plate: Included
Count: Single
Color: Clear
Butt Plate: Included
Count: Single


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