Sonique Drums

Tension Rods (3-Pack)

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Say goodbye to the slip and sloppiness of your old die-cast, rounded off, square'ish head tension rods. Our signature 4-point tension rods and EVR GRP™ tension rods work perfectly with our 12-point drum key. If you opt to upgrade your old key to our signature 12-point key, you'll enjoy a 3x improved engagement speed over the old 4-point key.

  • Threaded at 32 threads per inch for maximum resistance to backlash
  • Machined from solid brass
  • Cut-to-length for fast tension/removal
  • Only fits Sonique brand drums
Wrench Head: 4-Point Signature
Finish: Brass
Wrench Head: 4-Point Signature
Finish: Brass


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