Sonique Drums

Studio Series | 14" E. Black Walnut

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Raising the bar to the highest level, the Studio Series snare is constructed using cast bronze and brass that naturally resonate along with the drum shell. Taking it a step further, all hardware that touches the shell is machined to match the shell curvature. These facts combined with the absence of excess glues, and unnecessary gaskets all over the drum, allow the drum to express itself to the absolute fullest. Made from steam-bent, single-ply wood, each shell is hand-finished with tung oil and buffed to a satin finish. Every Studio Series snare is equipped with cast bronze hoops, brass half moon lugs, and tension rods made from an ultra-strong aluminum bronze alloy.

Your Studio Series Snare Includes:

  • Gator Protechtor Elite Air Hard Case
  • NATO-1™ Throw off (Brass Trim)
  • Cast Bronze Hoops
  • PureSound Custom Pro 20 strand wires
  • Evans 300 Snare Side | G1 Coated Batter
  • Lifetime warranty for shell defects
  • Lifetime warranty for defects with the NATO-1™
  • Shell marked with frequency, note, & signed by its builder

* Allow at least 8 weeks for delivery.

Depth: 4"
Tension Rod: Signature 4-Point
Hoop: Classic
Depth: 4"
Tension Rod: Signature 4-Point
Hoop: Classic